The Lessons from Near-Death Experiences

The Lessons from Near-Death Experiences

I have often wondered why people who have awakened from near-death experiences typically become selfless and merciful and often volunteer to help the needy.

imageI have often wondered why people who have awakened from near-death experiences typically become selfless and merciful and often volunteer to help the needy.

After some searching I found what I believe to be a comprehensive answer to my question from the stories of Dannion Brinkley’s near-death experiences. Brinkley had two near-death experiences. After the first one he discovered, “The simple secret of human goodness is, at the time of the end of life, one will find the love and kindness that one possesses is as much as what you bestowed throughout your life.” How does one find out how much love they bestowed throughout their life? One finds out as a result of a “life review” that one is led through after dying. A lightning strike in 1975 was Brinkley’s first near-death experience. In that experience he was able to review the good and bad things he did in his life from a third person’s point of view.

When Dannion was young he was a well-known villain in the schoolyard. From the fifth to twelfth grade, he was involved in 6,000 fights. Not only did he fight kids who sought fights with him, he also often beat up innocent schoolmates. In the replay of these past events after his death, he entered into each of his victims’ bodies and experienced their pain, fear, and helplessness. The pain was far worse for those innocent schoolmates he had beaten up. Another episode was when he whipped the family dog with a belt because the dog tore the rug. Not until the time of his death did he realize that the dog’s act was unintentional. The dog felt sorry, and Dannion felt the love the dog had for him. Another time during the Vietnam War, he felt the North Vietnam Officer’s bewilderedness at the moment of being hit in the head by a bullet that came from Dannion’s gun. Dannion also felt the officer’s sadness of never being able to see his family again. Worst of all, he even felt the lasting pain the officer’s family suffered for years. Then there was the time he was in a Central American country simply to aid in the delivery of weapons to that country. He returned to the US afterwards, but the guns had been used to kill some innocent people; he felt the pain they experienced at their death. Their sorrow, anxiety and helplessness all entered into his body. From this review Brinkley understood and wrote, “From the life review, I was forced to see the death and destruction in the world I caused. We are all a link in the big chain of humanity. Everything you do affects the other links.”

Yet he was not a completely bad person. Once he saw a farmer beating a goat. The goat ran off to avoid the beating and ended up with its head stuck in the fence, but the farmer continued the brutal beating. Brinkley couldn’t stand it anymore. He stepped out of his car, pulled the farmer away, and punched him. During his life review, he felt the farmer’s shame, and he could feel the goat’s thanks.

After the review Brinkley said happily to the “Light Spirit” that led the review, “My life is going to be more meaningful after seeing this.” But then he suddenly realized that he was dead. For some unknown reason, he was returned to life and has since thoroughly changed his behavior. He has exhausted all his means to help others.

After 14 years he experienced death a second time because of heart failure. In the life review, he felt an old lady’s heartfelt thanks for his kind help during her stay in a hospice. Once he treated a group of female vagrants to a Chinese restaurant, he also felt their gratitude.

A lot can be learned from Brinkley’s experience. I like to share it with others with the hope that everyone can grow a beautiful and kind soul and treat all others with kindness. Why do those who have near-death experiences become kinder and more merciful? It is because they suddenly see some truth of the world in the near-death process, and learn that the moral standards that were handed down from the ancient moral teachings carry a lot of weight. Do you still have the nerve to wave your fist at the world?


KanZhongGuo Staff

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